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Membership - Meetings
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Licensed Home Inspectors and Professional Engineers are encouraged to become a PAHI member.
Realtors, Appraisers, and Real Estate Vendors are welcome to join as associate members.

Annual membership dues are currently $50.00 per year, due every January 31.  Dues are used to fund www.pahi.org, association functions (Holiday Party, Summer Bar-B-Que, etc.), a continuing education scholarship for a local REALTOR, and other needs as the assciation deems worthy or necessary.
We support the Piedmont Regional Association of REALTORS.

For more information please contact any PAHI member listed below.

PAHI Members: 

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The PAHI website was built as a refrence tool, free information source, and to be one central web site where homebuyers, home sellers, and realtors can obtain answers to almost all questions they may have regarding home inspections.  In order to accomplish this task most of this information is gathered from other web sites and sources including, but not limited to: EPA, CPSC, HUD, NRSB, ALA, IAQA, Code Check, Mike Holt, Inspect-NY (Daniel Frediman), ASHI, etc.  The Piedmont Association of Home Inspectors and its members have not authored any of the opinions on this web site.  Users of this web site agree to hold The Piedmont Association of Home Inspectors and its members harmless and realase all liability for any inforamtion contained on www.pahi.org or any site that www.pahi.org links to including but not limited to: www.inspectorpaul.com www.sherlockcarolinas.com www.arrowhomeinspectionservice.com www.carolina-homepro.com www.schomeinspections.com www.a-prohome.com www.aohomeinspection.com/ www.betterhomeinspection.net www.downunderinspections.com